Growing up as an actor and model, I've spent the majority of my life around cameras. How great photographers could make me feel was so inspiring. Later, changing course and jumping behind the scenes to manage actors and models, I learned a new perspective on the entertainment industry. Guiding my talent on how to get the right kind of photos to grab casting director's attention or build a strong portfolio is crucial!

Your photos can make or break your chances of having the amazing career that you have worked so hard for. I have worked with many casting directors, agents/managers, & ad agencies and understand what they are looking for in submission photos.

Headshots are more than just a pretty picture. They are a representation of who you are as an actor. They are a portrayal of the characters in which you are right for. They are an expression of emotion. Evoking these emotions and creating an image that is true to who you are (and who you can be) is my goal.

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